Check if your business is affected by poor internet

Please check your business against the checklist below. If your business is reflected in the following statements, we advise that you get in touch with us:

Your business has more than five staff members and is growing

Your Internet connection is slow and affects productivity

At times the internet drops off and you have no back up

You are still adopting new cloud based technology

Your phone systems does not support flexible, mobile working

Why Mesh?

Why Mesh?

100% Uptime

Reliable internet

We can deliver 100% guaranteed uptime for hassle free internet

Experts in Voice

Phone Systems

We specialise in phone systems and business grade internet

Internet Solutions


We have access to fibre, fixed wireless, 4G and phone systems nationwide

Business Grade


We can increase your internet performance and speed to a business grade without changing providers


Tailored Solutions

We work for you to get the best solution - always!