4G / 5G Business Ultra Wireless Internet

Superfast & reliable wireless internet connection for businesses, remote working teams & individuals.

Are you or your staff working remotely?

Working from home should be as seamless as working from the office. As we now have more requirements for bandwidth at home, your business/clients business needs to ensure staff are equipped with stable and super-fast internet connectivity. Mesh has an array of solutions that are perfect for powering remote working. Mesh can quickly deploy this solution to those in the households that need a dedicated solution fast.

Multi Carrier 4G or 5G

Access the best coverage with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. If the primary carrier is congested or fails, the device will failover to the secondary carrier.

Cradlepoint 4G/5G Router

A range of options from a single sim small router, to an enterprise grade router with POE.

4G/5G Data Pool

All staff or locations can share in the one data pool, cutting costs and saving time on managing data consumption.

Mesh can supply you with the following

Online Network Management

  • Visibility / Analytics
  • Client Analytics
  • Instant Insights
  • Highly Reliable - 4G/5G Business Ultra is a combination of multiple advanced network carriers. If one goes off, it switches to another. It is not impacted by weather.
  • Available Everywhere - 4G/5G Business Ultra is a wireless internet connection. It's literally available everywhere, whether construction sites, industrial parks, maritime, remote sites or any other temporary locations. It is perfect for single or multiple location businesses.
  • Instant Access - Unlike wired internet connections, which takes a couple of weeks or months to get installed. 4G/5G Business Ultra can be up and running within 72 hours. So - no business loss.
  • No Lock-in Contract - Most of the fixed line or satellite connections require a 24 months contract. But, 4G/5G Business Ultra doesn't. Even if you require it for one month - that's fine.
  • High Speeds: Download Speeds = (10 - 120) mbps, Upload Speeds = (10 - 70) mbps
  • High Uptime
  • More stable and consistent internet speeds
  • Strong Signal Strength
  • High Bandwidth
  • Reduced Latency
  • Static IP Service Over 4G
  • Faster cloud access - 82% of organisations using cloud access nowadays - Google Drive, Dropbox, CRMs etc.
  • Cost Savings - High return on investment due to increased productivity, flexibility and scalability.

Reasons to choose 4G/5G Business Ultra?

Securing a surge of remote workers with families all at home at the same time is a major concern, since the internet connection is shared with family and friends (all on the same network). The increased demand for bandwidth is one aspect, the core concern is how can we ensure that business applications accessed from a home network remain secure so as to not risk your, or your clients valuable data.

Secure VPN

With a Cradlepoint mobile broadband router and its cloud based controller, NetCloud, we are able to funnel all traffic through a highly secure Tier one server. Having remote workers at less than 50 locations, NetCloud can activate Auto VPN which allows for a very fast setup of a secure connection.

WiFi & Device Policy

Applying a policy across Cradlepoint's WiFi at each remote workers location, whereby we can limit the number of devices connected to it, and also embed or whitelist device MAC addresses to ensure no vulnerable devices are able to access the corporate network (NetCloud Advanced package).

Internet: Cradlepoint & Security

Businesses happily using 4G/5G Wireless Internet


We have a number of plans to suit your all types of requirements. Get in touch with our team and we'll help you select the perfect plan.

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