What is contention ratio and why is it killing my internet?

Contention Ratio matters! While internet service providers advertise awesome speeds, you might be surprised to discover that you aren’t actually guaranteed to get that speed. It’s why they always include the “maximum” qualifier. It means that is the fastest your internet connection can go, not that it will always go at that speed. And that’s … Continue reading “What is contention ratio and why is it killing my internet?”

What is Fixed Wireless Internet Connection?

Fixed Wireless Internet Connection Fixed wireless internet connection is often confused with satellite connections, which is why many people may not have heard of this type of connection. However, at the moment, it’s one of the best ways for businesses in remote areas to gain access to the internet without the high costs and limitations of … Continue reading “What is Fixed Wireless Internet Connection?”

What is Fixed Wireless Internet Service?

Fixed Wireless Internet Service A fixed wireless internet service will ensure that your business can access the internet without the need for a wired infrastructure. It’s the perfect solution for a business that is not in range of cable infrastructure and would prefer to avoid the frustration of a satellite internet connection. Fixed wireless technology … Continue reading “What is Fixed Wireless Internet Service?”

What is Meant by Fixed Broadband?

Fixed Broadband Fixed Broadband is an ultra fast business internet connection that beams through radio signals. Fixed Broadband can give an internet speed of up to 1Gbps. Understanding the different types of internet connections is imperative for any business looking for the best solution for their needs. But with so many terms flying around, it’s … Continue reading “What is Meant by Fixed Broadband?”

What is Fixed Wireless?

What is Fixed Wireless? Fixed wireless is a high-speed internet connection that relies on radio signals instead of cables. This type of connection can provide speeds of in excess of 1Gbps. Fixed wireless was generally considered as a preferred choice over satellite and fibre internet in areas where wired solutions were prohibitively expensive to obtain. … Continue reading “What is Fixed Wireless?”