Cheap Phone Systems vs Premium Phone Systems

‘Cheap Phone Systems vs Premium Phone Systems’ is what comes in anyone’s mind before opting for a phone system for their business. let’s discuss in detail.

Phone systems are often a catalyst for the successful operation of a business. It goes without saying that having the right system in place can enable you to run smoothly and aim to maximise efficiency and productivity. But choosing the right phone system isn’t necessarily easy; with so many options in the market with varying qualities and capabilities, it can be stressful discovering the most expedient of the lot. 

A key criterion that frequently comes into play when making this type of decision is price. Businesses are focused on making profits, therefore minimizing costs where applicable is something that is always a factor of consideration. 

In the case of phone systems, a business may choose a phone system on the basis of price. From this standpoint, it is important to separate phone systems into two categories: cheap, and premium, in order to compare and contrast and ultimately help you to establish which phone system would be best for your business. 

Cheap Phone Systems

Phone systems have undergone extensive innovation and evolution, to the point where past iterations are either being used sparingly or pushed out altogether. Cheap phone systems today, however, do certainly provide value in everyday use. For businesses looking for the simple features, they can be exactly what is needed.

Cheap Phone Systems vs Premium Phone Systems

An example of a cheap phone system is the On-Premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System. A box is installed at the premises that requires the phone system, and it maintains the system. The “cheap” aspect is evident when analysing monthly costs and handsets. These can be cheaper when compared to other phone systems as they are not as advanced. 

However, the concept of this system being cost-effective quickly subsides when issues occur. A sudden loss of power prevents the system from being of use, and technical problems such as this one would require a technician to fix the issue. This is a larger problem considering technicians are not always readily available.

Additionally, adding or removing parts to a system such as this is quite costly, especially considering the service becomes less used as time goes on. So in essence, just having a cheap phone system such as the On-Premise PBX actually increases costs instead of having the opposite effect. Thus, these types of phone systems are only recommended for businesses with 50 employees or more. 

Premium Phone Systems

Premium phone systems are representative of the innovation of telephony today. From the use of the internet to significantly greater portability, the possibilities are numerous. You may find that having a premium phone system is worthwhile for your businesses, and the common features seen today are of particular good use.

An example of a premium phone system is the cloud phone system. Also known as a hosted phone system, the system is managed by a third party provider through the cloud, which removes the hassle of having a box set up at your premises. Whilst paying for the system upfront might be more expensive compared to a cheap phone system, costs from that point forward are much cheaper. Already, you can expect that the overall costs in the life cycle of the system are reduced, since the only requirements are handsets. 

Since everything is managed through the cloud, you can use different devices such as phones, laptops and tablets to access calls, video calls etc from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility is also evident from the system’s scalability: it can grow easily as your business grows. This cannot be said for an On-Premise PBX, which is quite limited in its scope for growth. 

There is one caveat of cloud phone systems (and similar systems in general) which will most likely impact their ability to function. Because they are reliant on the internet, factors such as the calibre of voice communication and connection are directly dependent on internet connection. If your connection is unstable, or frequently experiences drop outs and maintenance work from internet providers, the system becomes redundant to the point where it is detrimental to the operations of your business. This is why it is important to already have a reliable internet set up from the get go to prevent this from occurring.

Nevertheless, as long as your connection is stable, these problems are unlikely to occur. Premium phone systems such as the cloud phone system are suitable for any business, whether small or large. 

From analysing both types of phone systems, it is clear that premium phone systems are superior in most facets. Cheap phone systems, while relatively affordable outright, become less cost effective over time as maintenance and upkeep grows more expensive with each passing year for simple features. On the other hand, premium phone systems such as the cloud phone system require minimal to no maintenance, with all the features of cheap phone systems as well as greater added benefits. We have also established that the overall cost of a premium phone system actually becomes less than cheap phone systems because of the lack of a need for consistent expensive maintenance.

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