Top 5 Phone Systems of 2021

A key constituent of the effective operations of businesses is efficiency. To ensure efficiency, businesses will strive to make systems and processes as competent as possible to increase productivity whilst reducing needless time spent in the pursuit of favourable outcomes. One of the things that a business can do is simplify their use of phones in the workplace. Gone are the days where businesses needed switchboards and other clunky hardware to ensure their phone systems worked as well as they possibly could. In the present, there are many options which are cost and time-efficient, and fulfill the needs of modern operations. In this blog, we outline 5 of the best phone systems on offer in 2021.


VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a staple of current phone systems. Voice over Internet Protocol means that both the voice and phone system are connected to the internet. This represents a marked shift from previous systems on offer which were analog. These analog systems used copper lines that ran to the premises. VoIP does away with the needless wiring and cables, and replaces it with the internet. Data is compressed when your voice is encoded into digital data, and said digital data is then translated back into an analogue voice signal. 

VoIP has many benefits, with the most notable being reduced costs. Making calls becomes cheaper as the lack of physical lines means you are not restricted from calling anywhere, whereas if you had a traditional analog system it would in actuality be more expensive because of the fixed number of lines. Additionally, VoIP is adaptable. You can connect your personal mobile device to the system and subsequently make and receive calls wherever you go. You can forward calls at any time, and utilise audio conferencing with ease. 

2. Cloud (Hosted VoIP)

Adjacent to VoIP is the cloud phone system. This system is a variation of VoIP, and maintains the key features of VoIP such as a high level of portability, and the use of the internet. What Cloud phone systems do differently is seen through their use of the cloud, where all the information, systems and processes are stored and utilised. Additionally, they are not limited by the need for a traditional desk phone for operation. This lack of geographical restrictions means you can use it on devices such as mobile phones and laptops to perform tasks anywhere, anytime. This only seeks to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace by providing seamless transition, communication and collaboration. 

Top 5 Phone Systems of 2021

3. PBX

The most traditional of the lot, PBX or Private Branch Exchange has evolved over time. Traditional PBX Systems had a box placed at the premises which enabled calls to be made and received. It used analog wiring to perform these actions. Whilst new additions and alterations have been made to this system, it is quickly being phased out. A more advanced version of the PBX phone system is the VoIP PBX. Another variation of VoIP, this new model swaps out the analog wiring for a broadband link. When comparing it to its predecessor, some improvements that can be seen include an increase in the quality of calls and reduced costs. 

4. Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a modification of the typical PBX System. The key difference between this version and the regular one is the location of the switching device; for standard PBX Systems, they are installed on the premises of the business whereas for Hosted PBX it is ‘hosted’ by a telephone provider. This allows businesses to utilise all the benefits of PBX whilst not having to worry about extra maintenance and installation costs that could be incurred if the system was installed on-site. 

5. KSU

Despite being the least technologically efficient phone system of the list, the KSU phone system possesses many useful benefits, particularly for small businesses on a larger scale. KSU, or Key Service Utility systems, are the most simplistic of the phone systems presented in this list. It has a manual switching device that controls calls. KSU systems offer all the usual services a business needs such as multiple lines, visual voicemail, holding, conference calls etc. Additionally, there is a model known as KSU-less, which has the same features but with the added benefit of being portable.

The market for business phone systems is quite vast, and in 2021 there are many options which can satisfy your business requirements. 

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