What are the advantages of a premium phone system?

There are advantages of a premium phone system. One of the key determinants a business marks itself on is efficiency. It is based on the premise of waste minimisation and success; that is, by reducing things that take unnecessarily extra time or money, with the goal of converting it into producing desired results. This can be done in many ways. 

One part of businesses that is certainly important in operations is a business phone system. Calls coming in and out are commonplace, however other uses of phone systems are regularly used as well. For instance, conference calling to host multiple people and save time relaying information is frequently used, as well as holding and placing inbound calls on different lines so that other people with desktop phones in the facility can pick up those calls. 

But these types of features are to be expected. They are the norm, not the exception. You would be hard-pressed to find a business phone system that does not explore these features to their maximum potential because they have been in circulation for a very long time. Businesses nowadays look for phone systems that challenge, improve, innovate. Phone systems that represent the time of technology we currently live in. This is where premium phone systems come in. 

Premium phone systems are as they are named; they are the best phone systems on the market. This description is evident in the new and exciting features that can be found in the best phone systems today. But what exactly are the advantages of a premium phone system?

Use of the Internet

Phone systems of old were quite reliant on the physical side of things. Analog lines ran through systems through the use of copper wiring, and large maintenance systems were installed at premises, usually managed by someone to ensure inbound and outbound calls ran smoothly. But it became clear that these systems were beginning to lose their shine. Their limitations were slowly appearing with more transparency, as we moved to a new age of technology. 

advantages of a premium phone system

Premium phone systems do away with the clunky, messy aspects of installation and setup. Most phones don’t even use wiring, but rather maintain these connections through the internet. VoIP, or Voice of over IP, is what allows this to occur. But VoIP isn’t the reason these systems are premium as it has existed for some time now. The key benefit is the cloud. 

Cloud phone systems, also known as hosted phone systems, utilise the cloud, where information is stored digitally. In previous times, this information would either be installed in a box at the premises the phone system was to be used, or outsourced and managed by a third party. With cloud phone systems, this becomes redundant as everything is on the cloud. 

Use it anywhere

A common limitation that has been a part of phone systems is their lack of mobility. When a phone system is installed in a premises, usually it can only be used in that premises. This is something that has taken time to improve, and it is a standout feature of the best phone systems today. As mentioned earlier, premium phone systems such as hosted phone systems use the cloud. This also allows anyone to connect with a device such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet to take part in the system. And this can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The sheer capability that is provided by premium phone systems, which is evidenced by their portability, is exactly why they are coined as being “premium.”


Another problem that regular phone systems face is increasing their size. Some businesses expand, and this requires more employees, hence more phone systems. But because everything is physical, it means that the costs involved with doing this incrementally rise at a fast rate. Achieving economies of scale becomes ever so difficult.

However, premium phone systems rarely, if at all encounter this issue. Having a premium phone system will allow you to no longer rely on many physical installations, so when it comes to bringing in new phones for employees, the costs remain steady. This means businesses can achieve economies of scale as their costs remain constant for every increase in the size of their business. 

The benefits of premium phone systems are why they are more coveted than cheap options that while serviceable, ultimately lack significantly in providing value for businesses. 
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