What is modem channel bonding?

Khalid Noor, 2020

Let’s understand modem channel bonding.

We all want faster and efficient Internet, especially if you’re running a business, optimal internet usage as well as optimal speeds are key for a lot of organisations. Luckily, modem channel bonding which is similarly named as ‘Internet bonding’ which can be read about here http://ow.ly/n2q850BV6FW, can also be utilised to achieve this. However, you might be confused as to what modem channel bonding is and why it can prove to be useful to you. This article addresses this and details the benefits of modem channel bonding.

The modem utilised for your Internet connection needs to direct traffic and can contain channels within it to direct this internet. Usually with limited channels the traffic flow of one’s Internet connection can become congested especially with multiple users, even more apparent in organisations. This can trip up and slow down your connection. An example of “channels” in relation to modem channel bonding is also pictured below.

modem channel bonding

ISP’s usually have a limit on what they can provide in a single connection, and a coverage map can detail what can or can’t be provided to you based on your location, i.e in rural areas, especially for businesses that rely on Internet, slow connections can be torturous slowing down your business processes and forcing you to put energy into things that could be solved by more competent connection speeds.

At a certain point you may require more than one connection, however the technology associated which shouldn’t be confused with failover Internet, or a failover router which can enhance your current Internet setup but performs a different function. Instead of improving speeds it provides reliance on a backup secondary connection that can kick in if your primary connection were to fail, however the two connections are separate and cannot be combined.

Modem channel bonding rectifies these issues and vastly improves your Internet connection. There are Modem’s these days that can usually support more than one channel, which is enabled through the technology of modem channel bonding. 

When you upload or download Information to or from the Internet, even through simply browsing and watching videos online, data or information is sent through packets which is what they are broken into, packets of “information”, and these travel to and from your modem. Load balancing is a technique used in order to split the traffic so one pathway or “channel” is not burdened. In fact, load balancing can split the traffic between two or more Internet Service providers. Essentially meaning you can have more than one Internet connection from different ISP’s, rather than be limited to one. An illustration of this is pictured.

modem channel bonding

You could be connected to a fibre connection and a wifi connection together, many different combinations of different Internet connections can be combined for ease of setup. However, with load balancing just like failover router’s you are still not getting that one really powerful connection that just hits the stop. For this you need channel bonding, which utilises load balancing but on a different level allowing for multiple connections from different ISP’s to be combined for a faster, smoother and efficient Internet browsing experience. 

There are different apps/software for homes and more simple setups or hardware options available to implement channel bonding, however, for businesses with numerous employees may require hardware that is installed and that allows channel bonding to enhance their whole Internet Infrastructure. 

Really good modem’s built to enable modem channel bonding, can even have upto a 16 to 4 ratio in which you can have 16 download channels and 4 upload channels, which provides a really great split for downloading and uploading the packets of data to ensure smoother traffic flow and faster speeds. To gain some more information on channel bonding this article goes even more in-depth 

Overall, if you are looking to enhance your Internet speeds, perhaps your location is not good, your business or even home activities are slowing down and the process of browsing the Internet is a currently disappointing experience, modem channel bonding is a great way to remedy this, and if you’re looking for more in depth information on channel bonding perhaps read here: https://internet-access-guide.com/channel-bonding-cb-when-one-channel-is-not-enough/

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