What is the best phone system for a small business?

Phone systems are commonplace in most businesses today, and they have been around for a while. They are vital for communication with clients as well as internally with employees. The keyword here is ‘communication’. There are various forms of phone systems ranging in capability, price and function as well as how effectively they ‘communicate’. 

Communication is more than a phone call. This is illustrated in the focus of this article, cloud phone systems as we will detail why this is the best phone system for a small business today. 

As aforementioned there are various forms of phone systems such as traditional PBX or KSU which many businesses still utilise as they have always been there and it’s easy to keep implementing the same thing when it’s all you know. However, these types of systems are very limited and can be expensive. Cloud phone systems on the other hand have ample benefits beyond the limitations of other systems, which is what we will explore.

One of the great benefits of a cloud phone system is because it is run through the internet, it is not restricted by a traditional pstn phone line. How cloud phone systems run through the internet is that your voice is encoded into digital data, from analogue to digital to travel through the internet, this digital data is then converted back into an analogue voice signal. This is done through the use of codecs which encode and decode the data as well as use data compression which allow for a speedier transmission of data and a higher quality call.

A cloud phone system is not bound to the premises of your business or location which a PBX or Private Branch Exchange system as it is known is. A PBX is maintained at your location, a cloud phone system is maintained on the cloud and due to the ease of this, it saves you unnecessary fees on maintenance.

Cloud phone systems allow for flexibility in your business setup. Not everybody needs a desk phone, perhaps you only require administration or a reception to have a desk phone, but you need everybody on the phone system for communication purposes. Since cloud phone systems are run through the cloud they are not limited to a traditional desk phone to operate. It is a phone system that can be operated through different types of devices. It can be operated through your laptop, as a mobile app or if you prefer a traditional setup. 

Cloud phone systems also allow for a range of communication features to be incorporated into the phone system itself. Common examples of these include audio conferencing at the drop of a hat, with people being added to the call with ease, something that would cost an arm and a leg in more traditional systems commonplace in businesses. As well as video conferencing, similar to zoom, cloud phone systems are now able to incorporate this into the system as well and this opens up a whole host of benefits for a business allowing for more flexible working arrangements where everyone on the system can meet at any time. 

With all of the benefits of cloud phone systems, it’s flexibility, ease of use, and robust capabilities in regards to efficiency of communication, it’s no wonder why in today’s world a cloud phone system is the modern up to date system most recommended for businesses.

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