Why should you choose a premium phone system instead of a cheap phone system

Why should you choose a premium phone system instead of a cheap phone system is a question anyone should ask before buying a phone system. Let’s go through it in detail.

One of the main aims of a business is to maximise profits. Part of this goal is applying the strategy of minimising costs where necessary, which involves cutting out needless spending and focusing on utilising the assets that really matter. A business that reduces its costs without hindering its operations is bound to increase productivity and efficiency.

A crucial consideration for businesses that is actually not spoken about enough is whether or not to install a phone system. Traditional phone systems have been a key part of businesses for a long period of time, providing functionalities such as holding and conferencing calls which made workflow smoother. But nowadays, with the evolution of smartphones, tablets, laptops etc, many businesses (particularly smaller ones) find that a phone system is a hassle to own and maintain. Some completely forgo this option, instead relying on personal devices to act as points of contact. 

It is easy to understand why some businesses choose to not use a phone system. But this is mainly with regards to cheap phone systems. The systems are not nearly as flexible as one might think, and have not received much upgrading to warrant a purchase. Premium phone systems, on the other hand, are the solution for modern businesses looking to be in sync with current technology. So, why should you choose a premium phone system over a cheap alternative? 


The most noteworthy aspect of this debate is the features of both types of phone systems. With cheap systems, you will generally be able to access the typical components such as call-forwarding, transfer of calls, queuing and auto-attendant. An example of a cost-effective system is the traditional PBX system. They work through either VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or analog phone lines using the POTS(Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. 

Why should you choose a premium phone system instead of a cheap phone system
Dialing telephone keypad concept for communication, contact us and customer service support

These are standard for every phone system, but not enough to convince some to upgrade. A premium phone system comes with all these features, and even more. The cloud phone system is an example of a premium system. Also known as a hosted phone, this system is connected to the cloud, where a third party manages it. A standout benefit for many is the ability to use the system from anywhere. Just connect with a device such as a phone or tablet through the internet and that’s that.


Another comparison that can be made between both types of phone systems is scalability. This is the level at which businesses can upgrade and increase the size and reach of their phone systems within a premise as they expand (which might include moving to a new premise). There is a clear distinction in ability from this aspect when looking at both types of phone systems. Cheap phone systems lack significantly in this area.

As you increase the size of your business, it becomes more of a problem to increase your phone system to the same extent. Adding parts continuously becomes quite costly, and you may actually hinder your business instead of enabling it to thrive. In contrast, premium phone systems have high scalability. Because there is a lack of a physical box or lines, there isn’t a hard cap on the amount of devices that can be connected. It is ideal for any business looking to grow. 


From the outset, it may seem as though there is a stark difference in price between cheap phone systems and premium ones. Outright, the former is more beneficial than the latter, however the balance begins to shift when considering other factors. For instance, as scalability is mentioned in the previous section, by adding more components to a cheap phone system, the cost does not remain constant. Instead, it rises as each new addition is made. 

Premium systems actually have reduced costs as the system is built upon, which dispels the notion that it is less cost effective when the opposite is true.

From the above factors, it becomes clear why premium phone systems are the more obvious choice.

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