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Stable, fast and quality internet is essential to all businesses. If you do not have a fibre broadband connection, you are losing business.

Fibre Optic Internet - 100 times faster and beyond than ADSL.

100 Times Faster

The number of Fibre Optic Internet connections has more than doubled in 2017, reaching nearly 3 million subscribers.

3 Million Subscribers

82% of businesses are now using the cloud. The need of faster and stable internet is imperative.

82% Of Businesses

According to a study by Nielsen, internet users need roughly 50% more bandwidth year on year.

50% More Bandwidth

Fibre Optic Internet Speeding Up Australian Businesses

Take a look at all the benefits Fibre Optic Internet offers.

Ultra Fast Download & Upload Speeds

10Mbps - 1000Mbps and beyond. Symmetrical download and upload speeds with UNLIMITED data.

10Mbps - 1000Mbps & Beyond

Why Choose Fibre Optic Internet

Highly Reliable

99.95% Uptime

Less susceptible to dropouts. With a Service Level Agreement of 99.95%, your business will have peace of mind knowing that you will always be up and running.

Low Contention

Ratio 1:1

A dedicated internet link, with a contention ratio of 1:1 means that no matter the time of day, your internet performance will remain consistent.

Faster Cloud Access

Improved Collaboration

82% of organisations are using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, CRMs and more. The speed and bandwidth capabilities of fibre optic internet mean faster access to cloud-based technologies.

Lower Latency

As low as 1 millisecond

For businesses, this means improved collaboration between employees, ability to move more apps to the cloud and better voice quality for VoIP users.

Cost Savings

Increased productivity and efficiency

Enable your business to improve its efficiency with business fibre optic internet. Merge your phone system to an IP-PBX system, move your technology to the cloud, all of which can be saving you thousands of dollars each year as employee productivity increases, and the cost of business decreases.

In Australia, Broadband Internet is mostly transmitted via aging copper lines running through underground pits and is subject to flooding and more, hampering the performance of this legacy connection type. As a result, copper-based internet connectivity (such as ADSL) has been causing ongoing problems such as constant dropouts with long wait times to connect to a website and slow speeds in general. 

Businesses need another solution to be able to be more competitive and upgrade to the latest tech.

A study by Sandisk found slow Internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity, which averages another 2% of inactivity into the mix. 


Fiber Optic Internet

Knowing all too well about Australia’s lack of Internet connectivity, MeshTelco is bringing dynamic and effective solutions from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps and more to alleviating the frustration of slow internet speeds and costly downtime.

Fibre internet is the enabler for cloud-based applications and technologies and is a must for hosted phone systems.

A study by Sandisk found slow Internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity, which averages another 2% of inactivity into the mix. 



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Yvonne Chong, Park Avenue Accommodation Group

The technical team is very experienced and proposed solutions within our budget and expectations. The end-to-end project management was brilliant and seamless. We are unable to find any faults in the solution provided to us. Most importantly, the company and its support team is based in Melbourne - very responsive and well-versed in what they do. Well done."

Our business relies on good solid stable Internet as we give our members access to WiFi and our sales team needs to be able to process sales fast. We had no other solution but ADSL until we discovered Fixed Wireless. Everything is just running so smooth and our members could not be happier! 

Li Xu, Anytime Fitness - Ferntree Gully

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