Internet Bonding Solution

Means Super Fast Business Internet Speed

Bonding multiple internet connections into one

Customised business internet & broadband solutions for all size of businesses, offices & enterprises

Why businesses need Internet Bonding Solution

Are you losing business due to poor internet speed?

In many cases, if your internet goes down, so does your business. Emails go unanswered, leaving partners and clients in the dark. Files stored in the cloud are inaccessible and your apps become almost useless. Customers may not even be able to reach you by phone and your productivity (and profits!) begins to plummet.

Try our Internet Bonding solution, which bonds two or more internet connections into one, and gives your business superfast internet speed.

If your business is experiencing slow internet speeds and drop outs, Mesh’s Internet Bonding solution can bond two or more internet connections into one and give your business superfast internet speed, ensuring maximum internet performance and guaranteed uptime.

Ultra Fast Download & Upload Speeds

Bonds the speeds of two or more internet connections into one.

Why choose Mesh's Internet Bonding Solution?

Highly Reliable

If one internet connection goes off, still others will be there. So, your business never goes off.

Upto Six Internet Lines and Carriers

Can be used as internet bonding connections.

Bond Together Any Mix of Internet Types

Fibre Optics, Fixed Wireless, NBN, 5G, 4G and more.

Suitable For Multi-Site Businesses

Manage all your business locations in one cloud instance, with a single IP address with SDWAN technology.

Instant Access

Internet Bonding Solution can be up and running within 72 hours. So - no business loss.

Maximum Uptime

With a blend of internet broadband technologies bonded together, the chances of any downtime or outages is dramatically reduced.

More Stable & Consistent Internet Speeds

As all of the traffic is handled by our technology which is built on the IBM cloud, the packets can be prioritised according to the mission critical applications that your business runs.

Businesses Happily Using Internet Bonding Solution

We deploy a special device called a MeshConnect Internet Bonding Node, whereby we join together upto six internet connections into one single internet connection through our SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) technology which is built on IBM Cloud..

MeshConnect Internet Bonding allows not only to bolster your multiple internet connection speeds, but also your business can have a single static IP Address, plus, we can compress the TCP packets which means we can increase the throughput efficiency by up to 400%.

Once this technology is deployed, we will now have visibility of the network (throughput and general traffic). We can see the link states in real time and what the utilisation of the download and upload by the business.

Sounds amazing?

How does it work?


Your business is like no other. We have a number of plans to suit your all types of requirements.

Get in touch with our team and we'll help you select the perfect plan.

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