Slow internet?

If you are on ADSL, NBN or low grade fibre, you may experience dropouts and the internet connection may not sufficiently support your business.
Our boost service helps improve your existing internet connection without changing your current provider.
Speed Matters

The impact of poor internet on your business

Poor, slow internet can really affect the productivity of your business.
If you notice the following, it means you are experiencing slow poor internet connection.

Your cloud based tools such emails or collaboration tools are slow

Customer service is affected with inability to access data quickly

Complaints by staff that they are unable to function efficiently

Slow downloading and uploading of documents

Limited video conference capability

Get the Boost


Do you know we can ‘bond’ - connect your current internet to another one for added performance?

With a bonded connection, to another service – NBN, fibre, 4G or fixed wireless, the need for ‘old fashioned trouble-shooting’ or changing providers is not needed. We boost what you have!

Your bonded options are:

NBN Boost

4G Boost

Fixed Wireless Boost

Fibre Boost

One of a kind

Our unique technology

Using MeshConnect Internet Bonding Node, a special device, we join together upto six internet connections into one single internet connection through our SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) technology which is built on IBM Cloud

With our technology, you can:

Boost multiple internet connection speeds

Support your business to retain a single static IP address

Gain improve throughput efficiency by 400%

Network can be maintained in real time