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Mesh Connect Inbound

Intelligence + Communication Data + Empowered = MeshConnect Inbound

Imagine a smart inbound platform that could direct calls, record conversations and make in-depth call reports; how would this knowledge improve your operations?

MeshConnect Inbound is a telecommunications platform that does exactly that, and more. With call recording ability and delivering reports; MeshConnect Inbound allows you to direct where calls are coming from, where they should go, and all your outgoing call identifications.

Privacy and knowledge is of utmost importance to businesses and homes; ensure your outgoing call ID is in your control and you have the ability to browse all communication records. This is intelligent inbound platform providing you with the privacy, power and knowledge to operate effectively.

Some great reasons to sign up

Intelligent reporting

Get insights into your communications with our state-of-the-art call reports

Seamless directing

Direct and divert your calls any where, any time

Private and secure

Control your outgoing call ID and keep logs of all your communication records

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