Expand your businesses voice capabilities with MeshConnect SIP Trunking Solutions.

Are you in need to convert from traditional PSTN or ISDN services to cloud based voice communications and would like to keep your existing phone service? Do you want to reduce your call costs by switching over to our SIP Trunking solution? Are you looking to switch to a higher grade voice carriage service? Choosing Mesh will allow you to achieve your goals of cutting down on call costs whilst obtaining the best in class voice carriage service and much more.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking enables phones calls to be made via the Internet between an on-premise phone system or hosted phone system and the public telephone network. Having SIP solutions for your business means no more old PSTN or Copper based telephone networks and therefore, cutting down on costs.

Upgrade your phone system

Since you are looking at moving or change to a better SIP Trunking service, have you thought about bundling this with a new Unified Communications IP PBX system?