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Mesh Connect UC

Simple + Affordable + Smart Telephony = MeshConnect UC

Take back your desk space from that bulky telephone headset and become effortlessly connected with MeshConnect UC.

MeshConnect UC uses your existing smart mobile devices and computers and turns them into “softphones”; able to connect with anyone, anytime, using any device. By simplifying and uniting your communications, you will be able to operate easily and without hassle. Rid yourself of your encumbering telephone system with its tangled cords and limiting movement.

Ideal for a mobile workforce, MeshConnect UC ensures all your teams’ telecommunications are accounted for.

With our 3CX technology you will enjoy high call quality at an affordable rate compared with traditional telephone costs. MeshConnect UC empowers you to call clients from the comfort of your computer or be mobile using your smartphone. Save a fortune on your telecommunication bills and enjoy a better, cordless environment. Enjoy freedom of movement and communication anytime, anywhere, from any device with MeshConnect UC.

Some great reasons to sign up

BYO Hardware

Use any digital device and turn it into a softphone

Be free to move

Connect wherever you are and communicate on the go

Cost effective

Our digital softphones are cheaper than a traditional telephone system


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