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Affordable + Versatile + Efficient = VOIP

Enjoy the cost-saving benefits and ease of internet telephony with MeshConnect’s VoIP.

Our VoIP service provides quality telecommunications for homes and businesses with a strong internet foundation. This effortless telephony is cost effective because it rids of the need and price of an analogue telephone system.

VoIP is multifunctional allowing you to call over mobile devices or computers, providing the capacity to easily conduct video conferencing and webinars. An ideal choice for businesses with many handsets; VoIP allows you to make and receive calls from a local number to either your computer or mobile device. With strong internet foundation, VoIP is multi-functional and cost effective. MeshConnect provides a quick connection to VoIP ensuring you can enjoy the multifunctional ease and cost effective benefits of internet telephony effortlessly.

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BYO devices

Turn any device into a softphone

Seamless directing

Direct and divert your calls any where, any time

BYO devices

Turn any device into a softphone

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