Internet redundancy
to protect your business

Powerful backup internet solution which seamlessly activates when your main internet connection fails.
An extra service that today’s businesses cannot do without and you don’t have to change your current internet provider.
Preparation is key

Why protect your business with internet backup?

Relying on one internet connection is risky

Relying on one internet connection is risky

Ensure business communications does not go down

Constant access to your cloud based files is important

Your apps can be rendered redundant

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Why Mesh redundancy?

Flexible service - Mesh’s technology can switch seamlessly from one carrier to another, ensuring maximum internet performance

Highly Reliable - If one network goes off, it switches to another to ensure guaranteed uptime

Multiple Internet Lines and Carriers - can be used as internet redundancy connections

Suitable for multi-site businesses - it is perfect for single or multiple location businesses.

Instant Access - it can be up and running within 72 hours.

Flexible Contract - most of the internet connections require a 24 month contract. But, our internet redundancy solution doesn't. Even if you require it for 6 months - that's fine.

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Extra Benefits

Boost multiple internet connection speeds

Support your business to retain a single static IP address

Gain improved throughput efficiency by 400%

Network can be maintained in real time



We have the following redundancy solutions that provide 100% safety:

4G/LTE is an affordable, flexible, on-demand connectivity that scales with your needs and can be installed almost anywhere. Our 4G cover provides dual carrier with static IP which provides quality functionality.

A Fixed Wireless connection added to an existing connection and can also act as your primary connection when you decide to change your current connection.