Is your network ready to support extra workload?

Insufficient or slow internet can impact your business. Have you experienced any of the following?

Diminished productivity

How much time is wasted every day in your organization as team members wait for file transfers, attachments to download, and applications and web pages to open? Research shows that the average employee wastes one week per year waiting on their company’s network to respond.

Low employee morale

Slow internet causes frustration and employee morale to tank. This leads to employee disengagement. A poll conducted by Deloitte of workers in Australia revealed the number one end user frustration is slow internet

Reduced revenues

A sluggish CRM or slow e-commerce website can cause slow customer response and affect service delivery and revenues

Get Connected

Mesh Internet options are Fibre, Fixed Wireless and 4G Business Ultra. Specifically, Mesh works with partners to provide Fibre that is fast and Fixed Wireless that is guaranteed 1:1 contention – that means you are not sharing your connection. Quality internet is an investment.

Get connected with:

Fibre Broadband

Fixed Wireless

4G Business Ultra

Get Connected