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Evolution happens when industries are empowered with a seamless internet experience and the best technology solutions; opening a world of possibility and progress

 Smart industries use technology as an extension of themselves to become more efficient, agile and effective than traditional industries.

Smart Industries are homes, businesses, organisations, sectors or non-profits using technology to move from their traditional operations to one that is "connected".

A strong internet foundation is needed to operate in today's connected world; internet-based technology is required to thrive in
this world.

 Smart industries use a strong internet foundation to leverage services and products to enhance their operations. With a strong connection; smart industries enact devices that are able to communicate individually or with each other (IoT devices) to enhance performance. 

Connection and IOT devices unlock opportunities through generation rich data to assist people to make more informed decisions and become more efficient with automation of daily tasks.  It's traditional industries using technology to operate smarter.  

Progressive minds are the driving force behind smart industries; those willing to change their traditional methods towards technology and be empowered by the opportunity of internet-based products and services. MeshTelco Smart Industries help such minds achieve efficiency by supporting smart technology across all industries including councils, hospitals, cafes, gyms, businesses, schools, restaurants, building, corporate,  homes, shopping centers, cities and more. 

Regular business

They work for technology
Paper clutter
Process focused
Sluggish internet connection

Wastes time
Operates haphazardly
Profit driven

Smart business

Technology works for them
Paperless office
Outcome focused
Seamless Internet Connection

Optimises time
Cloud based
Operates effectively
People driven


Every home, business, organisation, non-profit and market sector can become smart. 

Some of our super awesome SMART clients:

Anytime Fitness Australia

Pinnacle Health Clubs

Park Avenue Accommodation Group

Park Avenue Accommodation Group

UFC Australia

UFC Australia