What is a cloud phone system?

Phone systems are almost commonplace in every business. Various individual telephones are linked together in unison, which enables useful features such as transferring of calls, conference calls and voicemail to be used to simplify processes. There are a plethora of phone systems that exist, and as such have evolved over time. One such phone system that is of particular use today is the cloud phone system. But what exactly is it?

The cloud phone system is a Voice of IP (VoIP) system, and is essentially managed by a third party. VoIP technology allows the system to connect to the internet. The cloud phone system also attributes its name to the internet, as the “cloud” refers to the internet. 

In previous times, phone systems were analog. They were built from copper wire and Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines, and possessed basic features such as dialing and muting. 

As telephonic technology developed, new systems came to be. Instead of an analog line, VoIP uses a broadband connection. Different devices, such as a computer, can be used to make calls. This versatility is what makes VoIP systems, and consequently cloud phone systems, desirable for businesses. 

Cloud Phone systems have numerous benefits that can be utilised to engineer the success of your business. The cloud phone system is a practical business phone system and facilitates in providing a smooth experience for the user, and hence is a suitable choice for businesses looking to purchase or upgrade their phone system.

Times are changing in the world and businesses are employing more and more increasingly advanced technology as a result of this, the old tends to become buried in the past often being phased out. This is what is happening with traditional PSTN(public switched telephone lines) lines and all other varieties under the same category. 

This gradual change only makes sense as it has been around for so long, and with much better alternatives such as cloud phone systems having emerged it’s only a matter of time to switch to something that can even enhance business functions beyond current capabilities through effective operation.

Cloud phone systems work by essentially transmitting your voice through broken up packets that are sent through the internet through a cloud based IP network all the way to a receiver. You can make and receive calls using your mobile phone or an IP phone or another device and the voice traffic is sent through an internet connection.

As aforementioned, due to cloud phone systems not using traditional physical phone lines and being employed over the internet, this saves you the costs associated with those lines that you would have otherwise have forked needed resources over to, resources that can be better used elsewhere in your business. 

This cost effectiveness alone makes cloud systems a worthy addition to a business’s operations as you are avoiding the usual upfront cost of the traditional phone system, as the entire system is maintained and operated in the cloud. 

Among the numerous benefits, employees can work from anywhere which provides geographic flexibility for the company, allowing you to work from home, an office, or locations outside the country and to utilise an office line as if you were there at the office working. Traditional phone systems themselves are also limited by the amount of lines they can handle as well as the amount that can be purchased from a provider, whereas on the other side of this, cloud has unparalleled growth potential for a business.

Cloud Phone systems provide ample reasons to make the switch from a more traditional phone line, saving your business money, providing flexibility and comfort as well as efficiency. 

By Khalid Noor, 2020.