What is Internet Bonding and can it improve connection speed?

Khalid Noor, 2020

Often you are wondering, especially if you’re running a business or just utilising the internet at home, if it can get better? Whether or not your Internet speed could increase. Perhaps you’ve tried boosters and all other manner of tricks. That’s where Internet bonding comes in. It significantly boosts the speed of your internet greatly increasing its capability.

What is Internet bonding? Before we talk about how Internet bonding can increase your Internet speed, we must establish what Internet bonding actually is. As we now know one internet connection varies greatly in it’s speed capability. Some enjoy an already fast internet connection, for some it can be painstakingly slow. It’s all really according to one’s own needs. Internet Bonding comes in and despite your connection, by simply adding another Internet connection to your existing one, your speeds will increase significantly. 

That is it, it is binding one internet connection to another. For instance a scenario that is common is a business may be running an NBN connection. This might not be enough for their needs, perhaps their business requires greater speeds. Their connection speed is clearly hindering their progress and making daily operations of the organisation difficult. An easy solution to this is through a company offering an internet bonding service, this business can have another NBN connection bonded or bound to their current NBN connection. 

In the aforementioned scenario, the Internet bonding greatly enhances the speeds of their connection and is more than enough to meet their needs. If they had a 4mb/s connection and a 6 mb/s NBN connection was bonded to their 4mb/s connection. They now have a 10mb/s connection, and it’s as straightforward as that.

Through an extra port, you are able to bond two lines belonging to different internet services together i.e, NBN connection with another NBN connection or even NBN with a fibre connection, usually requiring extra equipment and installation. With Internet Bonding, one is also not limited to two connections, multiple connections can be bound together and with varying combinations.

internet bonding

Not to be confused with other varying methods of improving internet connection, unlike failover routers for instance internet bonding increases internet speed, whereas the failover method simply allows for the ability to switch to a secondary internet connection when a primary one fails, so you are essentially utilising one connection at a time. This improves internet uptime whereas Internet bonding will improve your speed. Likewise, load balancing balances your internet across different sockets maximising the use of your bandwidth. Internet bonding does this but takes it further and breaks internet flow down more efficiently into smaller ‘packets’ allowing it to be spread over many more connections it then combines different connections into one that is now more powerful.

If slow Internet speeds are hindering your progress in your day to day activities be it running a business that relies on Internet or requiring Internet at home that is much faster for a variety of reasons, bonding your Internet to another connection  is a great way to solve this issue.

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