What is the best business phone system?

A phone system is more often than not an integral part of your business. Especially for small businesses that are closer to their customer base. Phone systems are an extremely helpful tool in conducting business.  

They are more than just receiving and making calls in today’s world, technology has advanced to a point where there are many options and features one may want or alternatively not need in their business. Different phone systems can come with a variety of features and choosing the right phone system for your business can really elevate it and take it to the next level.

Unified communications systems, a term you may or may not have heard. What is it? In the simplest of terms it is a phone system that incorporates varying types of communications into your business. A modern system of communication for a modern time in which we rely on instant messaging along with calling and other traditional methods of communication combined.

No longer just for phone calls, phone systems such as a unified communications system can be utilised for audio or video conferencing and instant messaging, SMS and more. Unified communications, simply unites all of these into one.

Why might this be best? Well, for a small business there can be an increase in productivity as staff are enabled to communicate however they desire through the phone system, whether that be through instant messaging or meetings held through an audio conference. Along with this, is reduced costs due to Unified communications running over the cloud.

Unified communications itself is a way a solution is packaged, or how it may be marketed, it’s a phone system with those aforementioned  features , such as Instant Messaging, or video conferencing. However, more specifically for small business it is employed via a VoIP phone system. A VoIP phone system is a phone system that runs over the internet essentially, as opposed to through traditional copper lines, it also can take a traditional phone analogue lines and translate them to digital format. 

A VoIP phone system is taken, and features associated with unified communications are integrated into the phone system as a package, allowing your business to thrive. A great example of this is the 3CX phone system that offers unified communication as a solution allowing a business to have multiple forms of communication such as sms, calls, live chat as well as audio and video conferencing with multiple participants. Users all access a central point of data allowing them to collaborate in real time, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

By Khalid, Mesh Telco.